Our company has been operating in Trentino for more than 30 years in the Logistics and Trasports sector, providing reliability and flexibility to our customers with dedicated and personalized services.
Our experience in Transports world and in managing the brand of EXECUTIVE GLS in Trentino allow us to improve our services and the company size moving from a warehouse with 200 square meters to an actual warehouse with 12.000 square meters and more than 4.000 square meters dedicated exclusively to handling and distribution of more than 2.300.000 packages years.
With the expansion of transports we increase our management that exceeds 30 employees all with solid training bases in accordance with the safety standards in force and expanding the fleet with more than 80 vehicles distributed and set up according to the client’s requests.
in addition, the diversification of the service and the capillarity in the territory combined with the continuous and advanced technological research, are the best qualities which our customers recognize us by entrusting with the management and traffic of their goods.


Our warehouse is designed to provide large spaces ensuring circulation of mills, more than 10 pallet trucks and allow the movement of more than 30 warehouse worker
which have all the necessary for their security on work and they are updated through targeted training courses in order to optimize work process.


Our fleet is distributed in 4 different categories,setting up as customer’s request, to provide a 360° service and punctuality for all type of customers B2B and B2C.
Actually we provide a large service in Trentino moving and delivering more than 10.000 daily packages with: